Recruiting vs Staffing

Recruiting vs Staffing

The difference between hiring and staffing is that hiring seeks talent to become a full-time employee. Recruitment is the hiring of an agency to provide temporary workers.

Recruitment / Placement

There are many recruiters. Also known as a retained search. They usually charge a percentage of the salary of employment as a free placement. These agencies then collect resumes, interviews, veterinary visits and finally get approval for the client's employment. After the client approves and hires a new employee, the agency finishes the work. Client companies are not only responsible for hiring new employees, but also for social security, health insurance and wage taxes. In addition, these employees typically expect benefits such as health insurance and 401K.

Staffing Agency

Conversely, if a client company needs a few employees quickly, but doesn't have the resources (capital) to cover everything related to employee employment, a temporary employment institution fills the gap. .. Recruiters provide clients with professional temporary workers and charge them at an agreed hourly wage. In order to hire the best talent, temporary recruiters publish a large number of job listings. The agency then reviews your resume, interviews potential candidates, and ultimately finds the best employee for your position at the client company. Depending on your needs, the agency can deploy a significant number of employees. When hiring a recruiter, it's important to determine your needs. Are you looking for a skilled worker? Do you need 80 employees tomorrow, or just two? A variety of recruiters can help you with what you need.

Benefits of Hiring through a Staffing Agency

One of the benefits of hiring through a hiring manager is that you can see the behavior of potential employees before committing to hiring. Companies can also offset the cost of hiring recruiters. This is essentially a waste of their money. In addition, companies can quickly find large numbers of employees, usually without avoiding weeks of employment.

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